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Traditional and modern:  

How a dual-brand take on fast-casual can help power your career?

Learn what it takes to build a financially rewarding future with a modern twist on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.


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Why Own a Dua Fish Tank Franchise?

An expert blend of culture and quality sets Dua Fish Tank apart from the competition

Looking to revolutionize the fast-casual model and change your financial future? Become your own boss and see how our poke bowl franchise can transform the way people view fast-casual dining.

 A Dua Fish Tank franchise offers a flexible restaurant model that gives you the tools to help you pursue your highest earning potential.

 When you invest in this poke bowl franchise, you partner with a new way of thinking about fast-casual seafood franchises. 



Our dual-brand approach to Vietnamese cuisine combines the authentic flavors of traditional Vietnamese dining with the popular trend of poke bowls that customers love.

This is your chance to become a key player in new models for both poke franchises and Vietnamese restaurant franchises.

Transform the Ethnic Fast-casual Industry with Authenticity Made Simple, Made Fresh

A Dua Fish Tank poke franchise is more than a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant. We’ve forged a new path for ethnic dining with our dual-brand approach with both traditional Vietnamese cuisine and poke bowls.

 Here’s food for thought: Fast-casual dining is projected to continue its growth in the U.S. for at least the next five years.

Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co.


Let’s Get Started

Our dual-branded restaurants have something other poke franchise restaurants do not. We offer fast-casual AND table service, traditional AND trendy menu options. It’s all these options that make a big difference.

More About the Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co. Franchise Program

That puts new Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise owners in a favorable position to grow and drive trends in fast-casual dining.

Here are more reasons why an investment in a Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise makes sense:

  • Ethnic dining is beginning to dominate the industry, with 61% of leading trends on restaurant menus featuring authentic ethnic cuisine

  • The global ethnic foods market has a projected compound annual growth rate of 11.8% through 2025.
Poke Bar Franchise Cost

Investment and Revenue Potential

When you own a Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise, you become part of a franchise concept unlike anything in today’s marketplace.

In addition to featuring both Vietnamese cuisine and poke bowls, there are other opportunities to expand your earnings potential. Our owners benefit from the opportunity to take advantage of multiple revenue stream options:

  • Catering
  • Carry-out
  • Delivery
  • Pop-up locations


Total Investment:

$250,000 to $350,000

Minimum Liquid Capital:


(Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)

Ready to Bring the Dua Fish Tank Brand to Your Community?

The Dua Fish Tank franchise model works with the idea of “double the concept, double the demand,” and our customers have responded with enthusiasm and helped us grow.

 We have Dua Fish Tank locations open in Georgia and Texas, and we’re ready to expand across the nation. 


We’re bringing the brand to the Southeast U.S. for starters, and are looking to open restaurants in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

 Interested in joining the Dua Fish Tank family and helping to spread our new take on fast-casual cuisine? We’d love to connect with potential owners who want to be part of the future.

Our Franchise Owner Training Program Mirrors our Organizational Values


At Dua Fish Tank, we know that our brand is strong when our franchise owners are well prepared and have corporate backing. That means we provide the resources, training and support you need to launch your Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise.

Here’s what to expect from our franchise training team:

-Territory selection and restaurant buildout – Work with our expert team to find the right area that fits your personal and financial needs, and benefit from our experience and designs during buildout.

Initial training – Get a full introduction to systems and processes that make your operation run efficiently.

-Proprietary operations and sauces – Get the benefit that comes from working with Dua Fish Tank’s trade-secret sauces that make our dishes special, and work from our expertly designed operations manuals. 

Vendor relationships – Leverage the buying power that comes with an established set of approved vendors for key supplies and services.

-Marketing – Tap into our online marketing platforms and promotional strategies for Grand Opening and ongoing marketing campaigns.

-Ongoing support – Leverage our experienced team of operations professionals to guide you from pre-launch to Day One and beyond.

No other Vietnamese restaurant franchise offers Dua Fish Tank’s dual-brand, service-oriented approach to fast-casual. Leverage the combined impact of both the Dua Vietnamese and Fish Tank Poke Co. brands and start building the business of your dreams.

Meet our founder

MyLinh Cao, founder of Dua Fish Tank, wants to transform fast-casual dining in the U.S. 

 MyLinh Cao has always believed that fresh, high-quality ingredients and simple, fast service are the key to growing a fast-casual restaurant. With this in mind, MyLinh set out to create a seafood franchise that allowed her to put her philosophy into action. 

In 2008, MyLinh and her husband, the late Thomas Cao, along with MyLinh’s mother, Tham Mai, opened the Dua Vietnamese Noodle restaurant in Atlanta. The restaurant was a success, and more Dua restaurants opened over the next decade, alongside MyLinh’s other restaurants, the Fish Bowl Poke Co.

MyLinh combined the two restaurant concepts into a single model, and the first Dua Fish Tank franchise opened in 2016. Customers responded to the new brand that offered all of the flavor with none of the wait, and more Dua Fish Tank locations soon followed.

 Today, the Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise is prepared to spread the dual-brand word across the country


Founder - Poke Franchise - Dua Fish Tank

Step to Ownership

Ready to open a Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise of your own? Here’s how our step-by-step process works.


  1. Introduce yourself – Help us get to know you and learn what sets us apart from the competition.
  2. Start the application process – Review our franchise financial disclosure documents.
  3. Talk with our leadership team – Find out about financing, available territories, and more.
  4. Join us for Discovery Day – Meet our management team.
  5. Sign franchise agreements – Become part of our Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise team.
  6. Start changing the game – Help Dua Fish Tank shake up fast-casual dining!

If you believe a dually focused concept has double the potential, let’s start a conversation. Find out more about ownership of a Dua Fish Tank poke bowl franchise.

Bring Authentic Vietnamese Food to Your Neighborhood

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