Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co.


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Our dual-branded vietnamese restaurants franchise have something other poke franchise restaurants do not. We offer fast-casual AND table service, traditional AND trendy menu options. It’s all these options that make a big difference.


Providing the Best Overall Food & Poke Franchise’s Experience

Multiple Ways to Serve Guests. When you open your own Vietnamese cuisine and poke franchise with our unique dual-branded concept, you’ll recognize when your guests are having an excellent, enjoyable dining experience – whether they’re stopping in for quick counter service at lunch time, or settling in for full table service in the evening.

A Unique Business Model. Our poke restaurant franchise business model is built around customization and flexibility for your guests, to give them the optimal opportunity to enjoy the Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co. menu offerings. In turn, you create a thriving business of your own.

Vietnamese dishes are the key menu items, balanced out by the unexpected offering of Hawaiian-inspired poke.
Day service: guests order at counter, pay, and then items are delivered to their table.
Evening service: wait staff will take guest orders and deliver – full service.
Delivery and take out round out your day-to-day sales.
Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co. kitchens are equipped with a grill for guests who prefer cooked fish versus the standard raw preparation (no other typical poke franchise concept does this!)

Welcoming for ALL Guests. At Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup & The Fish Tank Poke Co., we hold dear the idea of sharing, teaching and spreading the joy of experiencing both traditional and new types of cuisine. We take pride in our belief that authenticity doesn’t come from one ethnic group, or by the color of one’s skin. That’s why guests find a multi-cultural staff at our locations who welcome every single person that walks in the door, and ensures that each guests thoroughly enjoys their menu choices.

As a Vietnamese food and poke franchise restaurant owner, you can offer something for everyone, with an appealing concept designed to keep guests coming back!


“We strive to make sure every guest leaves the vietnamese restaurant franchise feeling satisfied, no matter who they are, when they visit, and how often they come in. It’s all about perfecting the guest experience, each and every day. And then repeating it, time and time again.”

Amanda Truong, Owner